SpectraBrite Benefits

SpectraBrite is  Light Therapy providing Chronic Pain Relief, as noted by NASA and Mayo Clinic

Focused Light Therapy

It is well known that various light frequencies have many positive benefits to the overall well being.  NASA discovered that light will help the body heal faster.  Medical uses of UV light for infants with jaundice have been known for years.  UV light is also used regularly in dialysis to keep any unwanted pathogens out of the body.  When humans are deprived of light on a regular basis there are negative effects to a persons emotions.  There is even a name given to this effect- “phototherapy.”

We find people respond quickly to LED Light therapy sessions. Consider these recent anecdotal stories sent to us:

“I fell on my elbow. The next morning the pain was unbearable around the elbow joint with lots of edema. The Red Tesla setting was applied to the elbow with 1 paddle, in a back to back session. Pain reduced, and within 2 hours I had no pain, swelling was reduced, and it was only tender to touch.”  JM

Mayo clinic results with Red Light and UV therapy.

“This is my response after you used the Amber and Red lights on my neck and wrist, ‘ There is less pain and definite improvement as I drove home. I feel sooooo much better! My wrist, neck and shoulder all work better. Easier to drive and more natural. TU!” PG

Sample Videos:

SpectraBrite operation

SpectraBrite same port settings

SpectraBrite different ports

Anecdotal Audio Testimonies – Sports injury, knee pain, chemotherapy symptom reduction, scar tissue, neck pain, headaches, skin problems, ankle swelling reduced, pain reduction

Video testimony:


Knee pain – athlete avoids knee replacement

When properly administered light therapy has been shown to:

  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Collegian Production
  • Increase Blood Flow to Damaged Tissue
  • Increase APT production in the Body
  • Help Heal Acne
  • Boost the Immune System

Spectrabrite Focus

Spectrabrite unit with Light paddles