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SpotLight Radio interview on Light Therapy

Benefits – Mechanics

– Increased energy & endurance

– Diminishes harmful foreign agents in the blood

– Boosts your natural immune system

Non-Invasive focused light

– Cleanses the blood

– Strengthens the immune system

Over 80 years ago science discovered that exposing the blood to UV light had many therapeutic benefits.  Had it not been for the discovery of antibiotics in the 1930’s, the science of blood irradiation would probably be the accepted health modality today.

Science has known that UV and certain infrared light waves have positive benefits on unwanted germs, viruses, parasites and bacteria and keep them from reproducing.

With our Theralumin Laser, focused light is pulsed through specific bands of proprietary frequencies and uses a sublingual application to help strengthen the body’s immune system.

  •   We recommend an initial one-month therapy package

Our system delivers five specific sets of focused light frequencies through a quartz mouthpiece to the blood vessels under the tongue in three minute applications during a 15 minute session.  The entire blood supply of the body passes through these blood vessels under the tongue every few minutes.

  • During the sessions, the entire blood supply of the body is exposed to our proprietary light delivery system. This process stimulates the immune system and the body takes care of the rest.

While RRS, LLC can make no specific claims or guarantees, many of our customers have documented their personal results.  They tell us that after using the Theralumin, the symptoms of many of the health issues they struggled with for years diminished or disappeared.