Pain Relief Class IV

Laser Feature

  • MHS 980 Pain Relief class IV        Class IV Pail Relief laser 980


  • Dual-function: soft tissue ablation plus tissue biostimulation including bone and nerve tissues
  • Highly portable, battery operated, easy to operate and low maintenance
  • Built-in protocols for soft tissue procedures
  • Maximum adjustable power of up to 10W and pulse repetition rates of up to 1000Hz
  • Built-in bio-stimulation treatment protocols especially designed for use by support staff
  • Live one-to-one training, post purchase technical support and clinician hot line
  • Manufactured in ISO certified facilities
  • Comprehensive two-year warrantywith optional extended warranty


  • 10 watts of pulsing peak power allow for increased positive ablation control and reduced collateral tissue damage.
  • Combining tissue ablation and bio-stimulation provides superb performance resulting in superior patient outcomes and increased patient referrals.
  • Color touch-panel LCD display and built-in treatment protocols provide for ease of use for clinician and support staff.
  • Many treatments can be delegated to support staff to maximize revenue potential.
  • Battery operation and compact size makes the model highly portable and it can be easily moved between offices and shared among healthcare practitioners.
  • Ongoing training and clinician support helps maximize applications of the Nexus 10 for increased earning potential.
  • Properly priced to provide a high return on investment.
Laser Type:Diode Laser
Classification: Class 4 Laser Product
Treatment Spot Size: φ50mm
Wavelength and Pulse Rates: 980 nm with pulse repetition rates of up to 1000 Hz, Continuous Wave
Output Power: 0. 1 To 10 Watts
Wavelength (aiming beam): 650 nm visible red; <4mW
Display: Color LCD touch panel display
Programmable Presets: 17
Warranty: 2 years
Approved Testing: EN60601-1, EN60601-1-2, EN60825-1
Compliance: FDA, CE, ISO
Accessories Included:
  • Two pairs of safety goggles,
  • heavy duty custom carrying case,
  • therapy hand-piece with zoom optics
  • and optional surgical hand-piece
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
Input Frequency: 47-63Hz

Anecdotal stories

  • I used the laser everyday on  Shingles that ran from my mid-line front belly to my spine. The lesions dried in less than 2 weeks, the pain was manageable and after 4 month’s I had dark marks on less than 1/5 of the area with no pain, just minor discomfort under the ribs. The Shingles virus moved into my face into the trigeminal nerve. The pain was excruciating in my jaw and ear! The laser light was applied directly to the facial nerve for 10 -15 seconds, and the pain left immediately. This first day, the light moved the TN pain out of my ear and face five times. After wards every 3 days was enough to keep it out of the TN nerve.  By the fifth month, all pain was gone and I have no noticeable effects of Shingles anywhere in my body.   The Pain Therapy Class IV laser was a God-send to me!  James

NOTE: Cell Food gel was used topically on the lesions which reduced the itching.

    • “For 10 yrs Fibromyalgia pain kept me trapped at home, sleeping in a recliner. After 2 treatments I attended a conference with my husband, slept in our bed and walk pain free!   I seem to benefit with most with the alignment of essential oils, massage and the laser therapy in a 45 min session. “  Ora Lee
    • My daughter had swollen tonsils and a low-grade fever. We used Essential Oils and had her UC DC check her for 24 hrs. We decided to try the Class IV Laser topically inside the mouth.  Her fever increased for a few hours, then the next day she had no evidence of fever or swelling.    Cassie
    • “I ride horses for a living. My sciatic nerve created so much pain I could not sleep, ride or sit. After 2 treatments pain reduced 50%; after 3 all pain was gone completely.  I now ride everyday again, Pain Free!” Angie
    • A MRI showed damage and a tear in my rotator cuff. I spent  18 months in pain, and my shoulder became frozen. I had limited upward movement, and no sideways rotation. We were considering surgery, when a friend told us about the Class IV Pain Therapy laser After seven Class IV laser treatments, there was no pain and full mobility was restored in my torn rotator cuff.   I avoided surgery and enjoy full use of my shoulder .  James D

The MHS 980 Pain Relief class IV laser