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Rapid Relief Solutions using LLLL, H

The History and Pioneers of Color and Frequency, Science and Anecdotal stories are available on Youtube.com/MillennialHealthSys  (Scroll forward through 15 minute breaks and lunch.)

For purchase information or how to lease or arrange a unit for a clinic or personal use, contact us at 918.606.2638. When ordering direct from MHS, use code RRS102 to receive a FREE container of SpectraGel.

Synergistic Alternative Natural Health Solutions using the Power of Light

Pain comes from a wide variety of sources.Tissue trauma is the most common source of pain. Injuries cause inflammation that add pressure on nerves. When nerves are inflamed or pinched due to muscle tightness, the pain can be severe. Through the use of focused light therapy (lasers), LLLL or UV (cold laser) and LED,  light receptors in various tissues are stimulated to be more active. As focused light penetrates deep into these tissues it increases mitochondrial ATP synthesis which decreases inflammation. When inflammation decreases the pressure in tissues, it reduces the pain level in those tissues.

This process also stimulates increased Ca2+ ion presence and beneficial oxygen species (ROS) production. That means the healing process is stimulated and the damaged area recovers faster with less pain.  While RRS can make no specific claims as to results, most clients report rapid pain relief and long-term lessening of symptoms.

UV LLLT, low level laser light (cold laser) is effective and very popular in natural, alternative health clinics. Few professional clinics invest in the thermal Class IV laser 980 nm 10 W MHS 980 laser.  The  invisible light spectrum laser provides faster results than cold LLLL ‘s.  Training, certification and investment influence the decision to utilize Class IV lasers into a clinic.

Rapid Relief Solutions is based in Tulsa, OK, but has subsidiaries providing laser and LED RGB light therapy treatments in OK, TX, FL, PA and sells units suitable for home purchase or lease, as well as clinical units world-wide.

The Spectrabrite LED RGB light unit is ideal for Home therapy use since it is easy to learn, has no side affects, and is inexpensive when compared to multiple family members utilizing natural holistic care treatments or insurance co-pays for office visits.

Delivering Class IV laser treatment


The Spectrabrite Focused Light therapy with red, blue, green (RGB)  offers  over 2600 variables in its manual settings, including Amber, violet and Magenta

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